Ed Murphy: Spiritual Warrior

Spiritual Warrior Ed Murphy talks with Dr. Michael Wayne in an installment of Interviews with the Leading Edge, the exclusive video series.

In this interview, Ed talks about his life and his life’s work as an activist for political and spiritual change. Born on the same day as when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, August 6, 1945, Ed has always been a man of peace – it was as if he knew from the moment he was born about the insanity of war and especially weapons of mass destruction. As a young man, he studied for the seminary, but while doing a required retreat he went through a change of mind and dropped out of seminary and immediately enlisted in the military and was shipped off to Vietnam. He served for awhile in the military, and on his return to the U.S., he became part of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Yet, the country of Vietnam had a lot of significance to him, and when he finally returned to the country in 1991, he realized that Vietnam was part of his soul.

Since then, he has had four photography exhibits related to Vietnam, has participated in the development of two movies related to Vietnam, and co-wrote a book with his daughter Zoe entitled “Vietnam: Our Father Daughter Journey.”


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